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LimeSurvey Sync

The LimeSurvey Sync module allows to connect the LimeSurvey software (a free and open source Survey application) and the Drupal software together.
In order to use this module, you have to download and install the LimeSurvey software on a server (in a distinct folder than the Drupal one).
Once installed your LimeSurvey site, the table below helps to correctly configure the synchronization process.

Testing interface
Show testing results for synchronization between your Drupal site and your LimeSurvey site.
Any test should fail.
Tested propertyTest resultCommentEditHelp
1) The LimeSurvey database connection
The LimeSurvey and the Drupal sites are sharing the same hosting server
The database connection has succeeded.
The 'surveys' database table of the LimeSurvey site has been successfully found.
  • The LimeSurvey database connection informations must be appended into the sites/default/settings.php Drupal file, as the $databases['ls']['default'] variable, replacing each data ('driver', 'database', 'username', 'password', 'host') by the correct value from the config.php LimeSurvey file.
  • Concerning the LimeSurvey database prefix value, you can find it opening the config.php file stored into your LimeSurvey site folder (it is the $dbprefix variable value).
  • Note that if you host your LimeSurvey site and your Drupal site on the same database, you have to choose distinct prefix.
  • If the 'survey' database table is not found : make sure if you have correctly installed the LimeSurvey software and set the right database prefix.
  • This step requires write permissions to sites/default/settings.php. If you are unsure how to grant file permissions, consult the online handbook.
2) The LimeSurvey site url
The LimeSurvey site page has been successfully reached
Tested url is :
It can be a relative path or an external website
If it fails, you may need to check the LimeSurvey site path setting and save it on the current page.
3) Softwares synchronized on time
Your Drupal site and your LimeSurvey site are synchronized.
Visit the LimeSurvey global setting page, looking for the LimeSurvey Server time value.
The LimeSurvey Time difference value can be edited on the LimeSurvey global setting page
Your LimeSurvey site and your Drupal site must be synchronized, the server times and timezone settings taken into account.
  • You should make sure your Drupal default timezone setting is correctly set.
  • Note : on Daylight Saving Time changes, you may need to edit your Drupal and LimeSurvey timezones values.
The default value for the LimeSurvey Time difference setting is 1 hour.