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Import answers from The LimeSurvey site


Note that in most cases, there is no interest importing answers from your LimeSurvey site to this site.
Up to now, the answers are already availables on the LimeSurvey admin interface. They can be browsed, edited, deleted, exported, printed as graphs, etc...
But if you want to access to more advanced features, for instance :

  • making the answers availables for users which have no access to the LimeSurvey admin interface,
  • or be able to edit or even delete answers from this site,
  • or comparing 2 or more answers,
  • or storing revisions of edited answers,

then you do want to import answers.


Once you have imported answers, pay attention on :

  • if you delete an imported answer from this site, the corresponding answer will be deleted on your LimeSurvey site to !
  • depending on this site permissions settings, anonymous users may view answers ! (not allowed by default, the risk only exists if you edit the permissions settings).


There are 928 English answers stored on your LimeSurvey site (of 1021 answers).
And there are 0 English answers stored on this site.
Update answers only if needed.